about Eliseo balaguer’s  way of expression


What I see, what I learn and experiment triggers me  to express those perceptions, those experiences in a graphic manner.

I do not know if what we express can be sometimes called art. It is almost impossible of defining art, even more difficult agreeing in what is art and what not. Important for me is to be able to experiment and try to express the world “my way”, to experiment techniques, forms, feeling materials, colours, textures.

Here I want to share with you my interpretation of the world.

By picking up subjects akin to me, I filter scenes and points view, presenting my own perception expressed in colour and form. Perhaps what I present here will stimulate the curious visitor, or at least will offer another point of view to his.  This maybe good for biodiversity or at least for a debate.

Mi pequeña exposición para aquellos que muestran interés en mis creaciones, un punto de contacto y quizás de estímulo para todos aquellos  que también les ataca el gusanillo artístico. Este es un reflejo de como yo percibo el mundo: divino, positivo y lleno de colorido


humans and the quest for creativity

Our world is what we perceive, and so we want to express ourselves